A downloadable game for Windows, macOS, and Linux

This mysterious figure draws you three cards. Each card represents a different dungeon you have to go through.

Controls: Using an Xbox / PS4 controller is highly recommended.

  • Xbox / PS4 controller
    • A / Cross or RT / R2 - Dash
    • X / Square - Basic melee attack
    • Y / Triangle - Area melee attack
    • B / Circle - Ranged attack
  • Keyboard
    • Arrows / WASD - Movement
    • Spacebar - Dash
    • Z - Basic melee attack
    • X - Area melee attack
    • C - Ranged attack

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Development team

  • João Bonorino: visual designer
  • Khin Baptista: programmer
  • Leonardo Tagliaro: 2d artist
  • Marcelo Vasques: programmer

This game was developed during Epic Game Jam 2017 in Porto Alegre (despite its name, the jam was not organized by Epic Games).


Deals of Destiny (Windows) 59 MB
Deals of Destiny (Linux) 62 MB
Deals of Destiny (Mac) 71 MB

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