A downloadable game for Windows and Linux

This is a top-down exploration game featuring no combat.

This colourful fella is going on a journey of self discovery when he realizes that the world is a lot more than what he was used to.

The player will advance in the game by finding new colours, which will teach the character to see the world through new "lenses", showing new parts of the world that would otherwise be invisible.

Entry for Rainbow Jam #17!

Development team:

  • Khin Baptista (programming and development)
  • Marcelo Vasques (programming and development)
  • Rubens Rodrigues (2d art)
  • Vinicius Meirelles (2d art, programming and development)


Iris-0.1.4-win64.zip 46 MB
Iris-0.1.4-win32.zip 46 MB
Iris-0.1.4-linux64.zip 50 MB

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